Who are we?

Abiding in Christ Ministries has fondly become known as AiC. We are a body of believers who want to first emulate Christ and then ignite in others a desire to do the same today! Together we have uncovered truths that have been right there in front of us all along. We would like to share what we have learned with those who are hungry for more from this life, maybe you…

Learn who we are?

Believers who no longer live as powerless victims of diseases, satan’s attacks, and life’s circumstances. We exercise the dominion that Jesus returned to us, today!

Our motto

Equipping people for excellence in the Kingdom of God to fulfill the commission that Jesus gave us in the gospel of Mathew to “Go, preach, and heal!”

Our message

Stop believing lies, exercise your power and authority over evil today! Heaven is like the army – you just have to act like the general you already are.

What we do?

We strive to be a positive, uplifting part of our community by integrating many programs to help clothe, equip, train, and support sons and daughters of God. Be a part of it!

We’ve gone social!