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 What is a Tithe?

Does God really expect us to give Him 10% of everything we have today? Or does He actually ask us for everything we have? If you turn over your entire bank account to God, do you think He would say, “Give it all away!”? Or would He teach you marvelous new principles of multiplication (Still other seeds fell on fertile soil, and they produced a crop that was thirty, sixty and even 100 times as much as had been planted. Mt 13:8)? The tithe is considered by some to be the gateway of the believer into the covenant of blessings. When you sow your tithe each month, you should expect your Father to pour out a blessing so great you won’t have enough room to take it in! (Mal 3:10) If you feel the Spirit impressing you to tithe but you are not currently a part of a particular family of believers, you are welcome to submit your tithe to us today!

 What is an Offering?

Has the Lord placed this ministry on your heart for you to be a part of the effort to bring in the harvest today? We need fellow Christians who are willing to support our mission. Take the opportunity to go above and beyond the call of tithing and extend an offering that comes from your heart. Like the widow who gave her last mite trusting that the Lord would take care of her needs, we all need to place ourselves in the hands of the Father to be used in His plan today!

 What is a Gift?

If you have assets that you would like to contribute or bequeath, feel free to contact us. From day to day items like gently used clothing, a piece of artwork, collectibles, or cars to more unique items like real estate, stock, bonds or securities, they can all have a positive impact on the ministries bottom line.

Ways to give


Everyone’s time is valuable. Get involved and help to extend our efforts by volunteering to assist in our programs. This ministry has plenty of work to do to spread the gospel of God’s Kingdom.
Contact us

In person

Whether at an organized service or event or any day of the week at the ministry office or prayer room, any staff member will graciously accept your donation.


This website is equipped with pay pal and accepts all major credit cards. It is safe, secure and simple.
Fear not!

By mail

Checks or money orders may be sent to our physical address.
Abiding in Christ Ministries
385 Pearl Lake Cswy, Altamonte Springs Fl 32714

Partner with us

Make a commitment to support us monthly on a long-term basis.

“I will not offer to the Lord my God sacrifices
that have cost me nothing.”

— 2 Samuel 24:24

What giving means

Your support is invaluable to us at AIC. The Lord has placed an amazing assignment before us and we can’t do it alone. Education, charity, community outreach, media, mission trips, resources, and facility rental and ownership all require funding. Every donation you make goes toward furthering the Gospel of the Kingdom, which will bring about the return of our savior, Jesus Christ.

What partnership means

Being a regular supporter of AIC makes you part of the family whether you live in central Florida or not and whether you attend our live worship service or watch the videos on the Internet.

No matter the shape or form of your donation, the investment you make will have an eternal effect. And you will also receive a tax deductible receipt at the end of each calendar year to give you credit with the IRS.