AiC is a family of ministries and we welcome all God’s sons and daughters to join in ministering to those who are lost and in need.

We will gladly help you figure out where you fit in today!


Introducing kids to the Spirit of God, teaching them their place in the Kingdom and nurturing future leaders in the ministry of Christ.


Where we impose our dominion to heal the sick, pass on needed blessings and set captives free. Where miracles happen today!


Blessing the world with beautiful sounds and voices that are in tune with God and His orchestra of angels.


Living in the world but not being of the world, our youth ministry is walking with their God wherever He leads them today!

School of Prophets

We gather together every week to learn how to use the tools Christ’s atoning sacrifice purchased for us; then, we emulate Christ in all we do.

Hope Depot

Putting food in the belly, clothing on the back and security in the mind regarding daily needs for those who are lacking today!